Collaborate with us to achieve your health goals with the power of plants

Collaborate with us to
achieve your health goals
with the power of plants

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Our knowledgeable team can help you design your own path to optimum health and healing.

Devina is an experienced Herbalist and Naturopath with a medical background as a Pharmacist. Leena is an expert formulator and medicine maker, using traditional and modern techniques to create blends prescribed specifically for your needs. Come and learn about yourselves, your constitution and understand how you can heal yourself safely with our expert guidance.

The Consultation: designed to find the root cause of disharmony in the body

What is included in the consultation

£ 95.00

“It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.”    ~Hippocrates


We source the highest quality herbs in our clinic. Devina expertly assesses what your body would need at that time after a consultation and formulates a herbal protocol which she makes simple and easy to follow. Leena blends, activates and energises the herbs with Bach flowers, aromatic waters or various homeopathic preparations according to your constitution.



Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts in alcohol made from plants and are fastest absorbed.



Teas are a mix of dried leaves, bark, roots, seeds or flowers. They are brewed in hot water for 5 minutes, strained and drunk throughout the day depending on the protocol prescribed.



Powders are finely blended herbs. They are often prescribed for specific protocols or those sensitive to alcohol.






Who are the herbal sisters?

The Herbal Sisters are two sisters on the same mission, combining their experiences and love for plant medicine to inspire and empower others on their own healing journey. They both qualified together at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Herbal medicine, Naturopathy and Iridology. They have been trained in using Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic practices in their clinic as well as various other diagnostic and therapeutic practices, such as bach flowers, tissue salts and naturopathic nutrition. With Devina’s medical background as a pharmacist, she is able to integrate her medical knowledge with naturopathic principles in the consultation room as your practitioner. Leena is the master formulator who will be preparing your medicine. She sources each herb and ingredient from the most organic cleanest places. She prides herself on creating high quality herbal medicines for each client.



Consciously sourced herbs
Great client communication
Client centred care
Clean and pure herbal ingredients


Kiran Singh

I used to wake up everyday dreading the pain and discomfort from my psoriasis and eczema, i was suffering constant flare up despite several trips to the drs. I then contacted Devina, a very kind, pleasant knowledgeable lady, she gave me valuable diet/lifestyle advice and formulated a herbal tincture to suit my needs. Since taking the tincture and following her advice not only has my skin improved dramatically but my gut health has never been better, no more bloating or pain! She offered me one to one support when i had questions and was very encouraging! I highly recommend her products and would definitely encourage people with gut health issues or skin conditions to contact her! Thanks again Devina!!

Russ D'Costa

I cannot recommend ‘The Herbal Sisters’ enough! I came to Devina with severe leg cramping, extremely high diabetes, and excessive fatigue, and she was able to create a personalized treatment plan that has made a world of difference. Not only have my leg cramps disappeared, but my diabetes levels have significantly decreased and my energy levels have skyrocketed. I appreciate how Devina checked every aspect of my concerns and created a plan that was tailored to my specific needs. She was also incredibly knowledgeable and patient in answering all of my questions. I am so grateful for her expertise and highly recommend them to anyone.

Wilma Paiva

I had a high level of stress and fatigue with practically no energy to do anything by the end of the day. I consulted The Herbal sisters and had an amazing experience with Devina. She took the time to listen to my concerns and created a personalized treatment plan that has truly changed my life. She gave me a detailed diet plan and provided loads of options. She explained the importance of my condition and what would be most beneficial and had it plan in phases so that my body is not overwhelmed. I did what she suggested and lost quite some stubborn weight. Not only have my symptoms improved, but I feel more energized and balanced overall. I still have some phases left for my review and hopefully I am able to reverse my pre diabetic and low menstrual flow issues. My pre diabetic reading has already started showing good results. I highly recommend ‘The Herbal Sisters’ to anyone looking for a natural approach to healing. Thank you for all that you do!

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